Charges and Fees


East Huntingdon

Tax Collector

Diane Figg
314 Porter Avenue
Scottdale, PA 15683
Phone (724) 887-6958   Fax (724) 220-5150
Tax Collection Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Closed All Holidays


Real Estate - 2.25 mills
Street Lights - $0.14 per foot frontage
Local Services Tax Ordinance
Local Services Tax Forms - Revised 2013
Local Services Tax - $52.00 ($47 to Township and $5 to School District)

Earned Income Tax

H.A. Berkheimer
Phone: 1 800-360-8989
Online forms and general information is available at
1% (1/2 of 1% to Township & 1/2 of 1% to School District)

No Lien Certification

​The cost is $50 for each map number being requested.  Public sewage certification is included.  Requests
must be in writing and include property owners name, address, tax map number, and a stamped, self
addressed envelope

On Lot Sewage Disposal Applications

The cost for a On Lot Sewage Disposal Application is $550.


The cost for preliminary testing and subdivision evaluation for on lot sewage disposal system is $250 for
the first lot and $200 for each additional lot.  The cost of a Form B (Non Building Waiver) and evaluation of
an existing on lot system is $150.

The subdivision review costs varies and payment will be required prior to approval of the subdivision plan.

Public Sewage

Effective January 1, 2011, the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County will be responsible for all sewage billing and collection on behalf of East Huntingdon Township.

Rates are as follows:

Iron Bridge
$15 a month for each equivalent dwelling unit (EDU) plus $3.60 for every 1,000 gallons of water utilized.  Well customers are charged a flat rate of $80 per quarter.

West Pittsburgh and Loucks Acres

Effective April 1, 2011, the rates will be increased.  5/8" meters will be charged $39 for the first 7,000 gallons,  
3/4" meters will be charged $54 for the first 7,000 gallons, 1" meters will be charged $69 for the first 14,000
gallons, 2" meters will be charged $190 for the first 35,000 gallons, 3" meters will be charged $200 for the
first 35,000 gallons.  Well customers will be charged a flat rate of $42 per quarter.  Effective January 1, 2015,
each customer, including well customers, shall also be charged a flat rate of $19 per quarter, $12 is a service
fee paid to Scottdale Borough and $7 is a service fee paid to Westmoreland Fayette Municipal Sewage
Authority.  All meter sizes shall then be charged $2.25 per thousand for the gallons up to 74,000, $1.60 per
thousand for the gallons up to 675,000, and $1.25 per thousand for consumption over 675,000 gallons. There is an additional fee of $12/month to cover the debt service to the construction of the new WFMSA facilities

  • Delinquent Notice Charge is $6
  • Charge for Shut Off Letter is $15 plus the U.S.P.S. certified mailing fees
  • Charge for Posting Shut Off Notice is $20 plus the M.A.W.C. fees

Effective May 1, 2014, MAWC will charge $50 for water termination due to non-payment of sewage bills and also $50 for the water service to be restored once payment is made.  These charges will be added to your sewage bill if termination or restoration are required.

If you wish to have a deduction on your sewage bill for water not discharging into the sanitary system, you will be required to arrange for the installation of a deduct meter by a licensed plumber.  This would include water used for swimming pools, lawn sprinkler systems or outside hose connections.  You will be responsible for contacting our office with the usage shown on the deduct meter.  The measurement of the deduct meter shall be deducted from the consumer’s sewer usage based upon the reading of the primary water meter.

If you require a final sewage bill, contact the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County at (724) 755-5800 or 1 800 442-6829 and request a final meter reading on your water account.

Public sewage in the area of the Westmoreland County Parks, including the area of Central, is provided by
The Hempfield Township Municipal Authority.  They can be reached at (724) 834-0911 or (724) 834-8155.

Construction/Modification Certificate

The cost for a Construction/Modification Certificate is $40.- click here to download the certificate

Occupancy Certificate

The cost for a Occupancy Certificate is $25.

Stormwater Management

Fees covering costs to East Huntingdon Township for plan review and inspection shall be in an amount equal to 7% of the total cost to install the facilities required by the approved plan.

Mobile Home Park Permit

The Application Fee is $200 plus $10 for each mobile home unit within the Park.

Junkyard License

The Application Fee is $250 and the annual license fee is $25.  Any junkyard that was issued a License prior to enactment of Ordinance 56-2002 is only required to submit the annual fee of $25.

Residential Refuse Service

Residential Refuse Service is MANDATORY and provided by Republic Services.

The township no longer conducts a "Clean Up Week".  Residents may dispose of one LARGE item per month on the first regular pick up day of the month.  You should contact Allied Waste to make certain special arrangements are not necessary.

The monthly rates for the current 5-year contract are as follows:
2020 - $14.00   Seniors* 62 and over - $12.60
2021 - $14.40   Seniors* 62 and over - $12.98
2022 - $14.85   Seniors* 62 and over - $13.37
2023- $15.30   Seniors* 62 and over - $13.77
2024 - $15.75   Seniors* 62 and over - $14.18

​*Seniors must provide Allied Waste with proof of age in order to receive the discount.