East Huntingdon



East Huntingdon Township has NO ZONING

​​The Township does not issue sign or driveway permits.  

If the proposed freestanding pole sign is in close proximity to a state maintained roadway or the ingress/egress of the proposed driveway will be onto a state maintained roadway, please call the Uniontown Office of thePa. Department of Transportation at (724) 439-7315.  

PennDOT now offers e-permitting for Highway Occupancy Permits at

Construction and/or Modification Certificates

​Approval is required prior to any new construction or modification to an existing structure.  If construction has not begun within 6 months of issuance, the certificate will expire, and you must reapply for another certificate.

Prior to approval for construction of any sewage generating structure, adequate sewage facilities must be
provided.  Structures should be setback 30 foot from the front of your property line and 10 foot from the sides and rear of your property line.

You may complete the application and return to our office along with the $40 fee.

Certificates are NOT required or issued for swimming pools or fences. 

Occupancy Permits

​A Certificate of Occupancy approved by the Board of Supervisors is required prior to occupancy of any newly
constructed structure which is required to be inspected under the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code.

In order to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy from the township, you are required to provide the township with a
copy of the Certificate of Occupancy issued by the Uniform Construction Code Official on behalf of the
Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.

On Lot Sewage Disposal Permits

On Lot Sewage Disposal applications must be submitted and the permit approved prior to the installation of any on lot sewage disposal system, or modification to an existing on lot sewage disposal system.

Subdivision Regulations

​A Subdivision Ordinance exists within East Huntingdon Township and approval of the plan by the Board of
Supervisors is required prior to recording.

Stormwater Management

​A Stormwater Management Ordinance exists within East Huntingdon Township. click here for more information on stormwater management

Mobile Home Park Permit

​Any Mobile Home Park established or expanded after enactment of Ordinance No. 41-1996 on October 17, 1996
must obtain a permit to operate the Mobile Home Park on a yearly basis. 

Junkyard License

Any Junkyard established after enactment of Ordinance No. 56-2002 on March 28, 2002 must submit an
Application and remit the fee on a yearly basis.  Any Junkyard that was issued a License prior to enactment of
Ordinance No. 56-2002 is required to submit the annual fee.