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East Huntingdon

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Stormwater Management Documents

The Homeowner's Guide to Stormwater Management Video Series

DEP Educational Flyer on Stormwater

Protecting our Watershed

Westmoreland County Conservation District Stormwater Management

To Learn more about Pennsylvania Stormwater

Stormwater Management Ordinance 86-2021
Stormwater Management Appendix
Homeowners Guide to Stormwater
PA Department of Environmental Protection Stormwater Management Program
Illicit Discharge Reporting Form
DEP Municipal Stormwater
EPA Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

Stormwater for Kids!

Stormwater Activity Book

What's Up With Our Nation's Waters

The Hydrologic Cycle
Help Prevent Stormwater Runoff
The A-Mazing Stormwater Mystery
Help Stop Stormwater Pollution
Stormwater Matters Word Search
Take the Stormwater Runoff Challenge
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Building Information

Modification or Construction Permit For A One Family Or Two Family Dwelling Unit, Accessory or Structure

Modification and Construction Application (Building Permit)
Modification and Construction Permit Ordinance 65-2005
Developer's Agreement
Subdivision Ordinance 19-1969 and Amendment Ordinance 72-2008
Sanitary Sewage Permit Application for Iron Bridge Sewage Treatment Plant
Sanitary Sewage Permit Application for West Pittsburgh and Loucks Acres
Sewer Connection Regulations for East Huntingdon Township
Lateral Sewer Detail for The Hempfield Township Municipal Authority
Solid Waste Management Ordinance 73-2009
UCC Certified Thirty Party Inspectors in 724 area code

Other Documents

Mobile Home Park Ordinance 41-1996
Application to Operate a Mobile Home Park
Road Bond Agreement for Overweight Equipment
Road Occupancy Application
Weight Limit Ordinance 80-2012
Road Protection and Repair Agreement
Maps for all Townships, Boroughs and Cities in Pennsylvania
Junkyard Ordinance 56-2002
Voting Districts and Polling Locations Map
Open Records Request Form
PA Registry of Professional Soil Scientists

Second Class Township Code